Jet Pac                        

                6 June 2018

Experimental for test bench

      teq jetpack e 8
    Proposed fabricated test engine to demonstrate the potential of the concept.

      teq jetpack e 10     

                                                                 teq jetpack e 9

    teq jetpack 3       teq jetpack 4
 Turbine diameter – 140mm, height 80mm
             teq jetpack e 5
             teq jetpack e 4
           teq jetpack 1
             teq jetpack 12

Compressor impeller – dia. 180.  Compressor / Turbine ratio 1:2

   teq jetpack e 3        teq jetpack e 2

Compressor conduit – metal printed

                                     teq jetpack e 1

Intake control valve primary function is for pulse starting sequence

    teq jetpack 10    teq jetpack 8
                       teq jetpack 6
    Intercooler may be a superfluous attempt at increasing performance. Maybe only at extreme competition level