Planar Turbine

               Planar - Turbine                

     3 May 2018


              ……“I want to fly……..I want to fly like a bird”…             ....says the Spirit of Adventure.


   planarturb 50  planarturb 52

       planarturb 58

          We want vertical take off and landing...of course


           planarturb 13


We need an engine. Very simple, light weight, cheap and           low fuel consumption......and very powerful.



planarturb 43   planarturb 44



     planarturb 45


Planar Turbine Configuration 


   planarturb 46  planarturb 47  planarturb 48



             planarturb 1



     planarturb 65


Turbine speeds from 200 to 500 rev/sec


          planarturb 64   


Combustion stream and turbine centrifugal forces applied to draw ambient air into pressure plenum


             planarturb 62


             Turbines are thus used as fans to increase flow into the thrust stream.


             planarturb 66


Combustion heat increased to maximum in order to elevate temperature of inducted air for increased pressure in plenum. Turbines will not be affected by very hot combustion stream as they are cooled by the inducted air.

The entire pressure plenum should be insulated to keep heat flow optimum inside the chamber. This will also help to reduce noise factors

Centrifugal turbine rotor form is also structurally very simple, rigid and robust. 


        planarturb 63


Power take off for compressor at syncro gears


      planarturb 67      planarturb 68



             planarturb 61

             Just for more fun!

All the above is merely a graphic presentation of the configuration of the planar turbine engine. Some features are not shown but will tremendously increase the operational effectiveness and efficiency of the concept.   

 Here are some possibilities:-


        planarturb t 6

                                  planarturb t 5                                                                                                                                      Rotor

            planarturb t 1

   Sectioned plan view: Get as much ambient air into the thrust stream as possible by drawing air from inside the rotors

             planarturb t 2

Diffuser vanes can be profiled to generate pressure differential from the centrifugal flow. Done properly could add quite a significant addition to the thrust performance


    planarturb t 3       planarturb t 4



   planarturb v 1        planarturb v 2

 Possible configuration of a choking mechanism to optimise thrust at low power


Get more serious

                                 Tesla turbine hybrid

     planartes 1   planartes 2  planartes 3


     planartes 4

Full aluminium construction of this Tesla turbine rotor should be feasible. All of it, including the shaft, can be aluminium. Incredibly light weight engine is possible here 



     planartes 6  

            Yellow arrow indicates combustion passage


                                               planartes 7

                   View on combustion outlet



            planartes 8


             planartes 5


It is now possible to produce a very compact, inexpensive thrust engine that weighs less than 10 kg generating >150 kgf thrust capacity at very low fuel consumption.

     planarturb 24 

      planarturb 28      planarturb 26

 You can launch from the ground up and land safely after an extended, exciting flight in your wing suit.

Once you’re in the air you will throttle down to 30 percent power and fly around for hours before having to refuel.

We recommend you take a parachute along in any case.

    planarturb 32     planarturb 29

     planarturb 2    planarturb 4

 The planar turbine configuration has other potential lifter applications as well.

    planarturb 5

                        planarturb 6

          planarturb 36

  Maybe a flyboard……….. 

      planarturb 9


       planarturb 38 


    Or perhaps a taxi commuter or soccer mom fly around 

     planarturb 22

                                           planarturb 23


                   planarturb 11


 All of this is for sport, recreation or other sensible adventurous applications.

None of it for deranged little psychopaths to strap guns on or for bombing of weddings, hospitals or anywhere else. 



And always remember the old avaiator's axiom:

“It is better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than being in the air wishing you were on the ground”