Models are intended as configuration studies and are not

presented as stylised show room products.

 teq trail brute1 16

Front Drive electric trail bike.

teq trail brute1 20

This front wheel is 800mm diameter and 260mm wide.

The hub motor is around 80 - 120kW. Either brushless DC or inverter controlled induction motor.

teq trail brute1 9
teq trail brute1 4trail brute 2

The hub motor will probably have the torque leveraged by a step down geared interface with the hub in order to increase low speed, high demand traction requirements.

Power supply to be similar to the Rude Brute where a small, liquid fuel burning turboshaft engine drives a generator and electric power is partly stored in a small battery bank and during high power demand cycles power is directed through a capacitor bank.


Snow Accessory

snow trail 1snow trail 2




snow trail 12



snow trail 25


snow trail 26


snow trail 27


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