Tactical Hand Drill                     

 teq tact orig5

 Powerful hand drilling machine  ergonomically adapted for manoeuvring into smaller spaces and corners. 



drill 12

   The large motor belly is removed from the drilling axis.


 teq tact orig 4


In general use this drill will have no particular advantage over any similarly powered unit. However, most handymen and artisans will agree that site conditions very often produce situations where obstacles, or reduced access prevent proper alignment of drilling axis with preferred drilling centre line. By positioning the motor partly into the hand grip a number of benefits are realised. Apart from eliminating the obstructive motor housing from behind the chuck the significantly reduced distance from the chuck to the end along the drill axis makes this power tool vastly more meneouverble and easier to handle. 


   drill dims 1

 All these figures are preliminary and may change without prior notice 


drill exp 1


 Integral utilities

drill utilities 1       drill utilities 9


 Retractable Work space illumination 

drill utilities 2   drill utilities 3



drill utilities 8

The spotlight below at the hand grip reduces confusing shadow lines.  


     drill utilities 4 


                drill utilities 5


 teq tacdrill q 4

  Large battey boot for extended site operation . . . .  


  . . . . and it can be seperated to allow the drill to remain 'tactical'. 

teq tacdrill q 5

teq tacdrill q 1


teq tacdrill q 2


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