FlatBed Utility Truck

      17 July 2018


 Continuing the electric front drive configuration with castor type rear carriage.


             teq flatbed 11 

Electric Truck

             teq flatbed 12

     Purely utility. Not for Saturday night boulevard cruising.

     teq flatbed 9

  1.5 Ton load capacity. Bed height is only 45 cm from ground level.


         teq flatbed 6  

     Rear carriage on swing arm suspension for excellent ground clearance.

   Swing arms on adjustable torsion mounts with load calibrated dampers.


    teq flatbed 5

Drop sides and canopies added as per requirements



 Carrying that wide, low flatbed to panel vans or commuter transporters. 

    teq flatbed 39

......Or maybe a BuzzBus 

    teq flatbed 16   teq flatbed 17





  teq flatbed 20  teq flatbed 21

                                                  teq flatbed 22

Along the contemporary trend towards self driving transportation here is a fully autonomous, self driving luxury electric van.

This car will be directed towards destinations by touch screen and voice control. There will also be a portable joystick for manual manoeuvring.

 teq flatbed 35  teq flatbed 34


   Vectro Van……….maybe it sounds a bit too much like a pharmaceutical product….

....call it just .....Vectro

    teq flatbed 31



    teq veloc b 2

    teq veloc b 1