Electro Cruzer


teq cruzer 15   teq cruzer 16
 teq cruzer 5        teq cruzer 6
 teq cruzer 4
teq cruzer 17
 teq cruzer 13              teq cruzer 14

For those inevitable balancing misjudgements 



 teq cruzer 12  teq cruzer 11
 teq cruzer 10

Rear wheel steering engages when front wheel reaches 10 – 15 degrees on steering arc. The rear steering can also be computer controlled to make micro adjustments for stability in sweeping bends.


teq cruzer 18


 teq cruzer 19 

The chassis structurecan be entirely stamped sheet metal of course.  

   The tubular frame section shown here is more for small quantity development fabrications.

The rear wheel steering mechanism is not shown here. Front wheel suspension to be as per front drive two-wheelers concepts elsewhere on this site. 



ScreenClip004316  ScreenClip004317


Some more realistic models on Blender by Carl