Brute Turbo Gen

         u r b o - en e r a t o r          


Idealised Concept Review  




 Single Shaft Turbine with Remote Combustion Compression

This is a very simple, robust and powerful engine. Quite agricultural yet fairly efficient and light weight. The operational profile of this engine is also very simple and is entirely software controlled.  


turbine frame 1turbine frame 3
turbine layout 2

Compressor with diffuser   -  Clockwise rotation


turbine layout 6

Internal view of oprational configuration


turbine layout 7
Combustor coil in operation. It burns liquid or gas and is pressurised by an electrically driven compressor. 2 to 4 kW electric motor driving a centrifugal compressor. The main compressor flow is not combusted but is heated by radiation from the combustor coil. The combustor flow and main compressor flow engage the turbine seperately. 

In this configuration main compressor heat is not detrimental to the function of the engine as in conventional engines where compressor heat in the air stream retards the efficiency of combustion. This engine is insulated to retain all the heat generated before the turbine bank.

turbine layout 23


   turbine layout 10turbine layout 17

Clockwise                                         Rotating assembly


turbine rotation 1

Stator in turbine rotor assembly


turbo operatn 1turbo operatn 2turbo operatn 3

Combustor coil    -    and with nozzle ring to turbine


turbo operatn 4

Combustor coil with main compressor flow diffuser and the ring of deflectors (orange) onto turbine.


turbine layout 25 1


Yellow flow from combustor coil.


turbo operatn 7

Fabricated bearing housing. Shaft is very heavy and serves as energy flywheel. - Bearings not shown.


turbo operatn 9

Fabricated bearing housing serves as structural spine.



Counter Rotating Turbine Set


turb counterr 2     turb counterr 3


turb counterr 4      turb counterr 6       


Counter Rotating Turbines showing location of Planetary Gear Set.



 Higher Defined Concept Engine


turbo 2ndgen 2       turbo 2ndgen 3



brut turbo r1
brut turbo r4
brut turbo r8


trail powrd v4   trail powrd v6  



turbo 2ndgen 5 


turbo 2ndgen 6

 Base Engine layout with Combustor assembly omitted.

Main shaft speed - up to 30 000 rpm

Expected power delivery - up to 60 kW Continuous. 




turbo 2ndgen 8 

 Main Compressor flow labyrinth.


 turbo 2ndgen 4

Rapid flow along shaft housing to extract heat from bearing lubrication. 



turbo charge 2       turbo charge 3

Combustion coil with charge assembly


charge compressor axial 3

2.2 kW DC motor driving an Axial Compressor here.



turbogen details 19 1



tur 2gen plantry 7

Exploded view of Counter Rotating turbine and planetary gear set arragement.  



turbo 2ndgen 7

 Section View on Counter Rotating Turbine Arrangement



tur 2gen plantry 3


Planetary gear set arrangement.

Dark blue - Turbine no 1,       Light blue - Turbine no 2,

Red - Outlet stator with stationary shaft housing. 

Translucent yellow represents lubrication boundaries. 



tur 2gen plantry 4

Yellow markings indicate lubrication migration ports 


tur 2gen plantry 6

Ring gear is attached to turbine no 1 shown on the left (dark blue). Sun gear is attached to turbine no 2 (light blue). 



turbogen details 17

Oil is pumped to the bearings through the centre of the rear stationary shaft. It then migrates into the turbine hub space where the planetary gear set is housed. Lubrication of the planetary gear set is then achieved by the fragmentation of the oil as centrifugal force drives it onto the outer rim of the turbine hub.

Centrifugally pressurised oil in the turbine hub is then forced through ports out of the gear set chamber into a collection r i m where the oil pickup is positioned. The turbine inner hub surfaces may have to be coated with a thermal shield to reduce heat from the turbine flow from effecting the oil.


turbogen details 16



turbogen details 14




turbo 2ndgen 3 


trail powrd v3